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Why Choose Macedonia

 If you are a dedicated culture-vulture, Macedonia arguably packs more into a small space than any others. It is the juxtaposition of a rich Orthodox Christian tradition with a lively Islamic heritage that underpins Macedonia’s appeal.

Historical place

Macedonia is full of historical places with a beautiful architecture more than 2000 years old and with great cultural heritage. Macedonia is a mix of different cultures with a rich history and tradition

Natural beauty

The beauty of the nature of Macedonia is hidden in dense forests, high ridges and snow peaks, in the crystal waters of mountain rivers, in the emerald depths of cold mountain lakes.

Traditional cuisine

Macedonian cuisine is mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines and shares characteristics of other Balkan cuisines. Climate of the country provides excellent growth conditions for a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits. 

Multiethnic country

Macedonia is a multiethnic country that abounds in a large number of ethnic communities, cultural monuments of different cultures and various features that show coexistence in it.

Unesco country 

Lake Ohrid  is one of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes, with a unique aquatic ecosystem of worldwide importance,with more than 200 endemic species. Also lake Ohrid is called pearl of Balkans

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Ohrid have 365 churches, one for each day of the year, and has been referred to as a “Jerusalem of the Balkans” The city is rich in picturesque houses and monuments, and tourism is predominant.


The Prespa lakes are two freshwater lakes and they are the highest tectonic lakes in the Balkans, standing at an elevation of 853 m (2,798 ft). This area also contains national park called Galichica 


Dojran was a city on the west shore of Lake Dojran in the southeast part of N. Macedonia. Today, it is a collective name for two villages on the territory of the ruined city: Nov Dojran and Star Dojran.


Mavrovo is a village and tourist resort in the mountainous region of western N.Macedonia. Mavrovo is a destination for tourists throughout the year because of its skiing centre, national park and lake.


Berovo is a small town near the Maleshevo Mountains in N.Macedoania. Berovo is a destination for tourists throughout the year because of clean air, traditional food and lake. 

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Denis from Moscow, Russia

Здравствуите! Very educational and useful site you got here. In such a little country so many historical places, wow! One suggestion though, please accurately price you day and week-end trips:) Good luck Macedonia!


from Moscow, Russia,

Johan from Sweden

Hi! Very unique but at the same time agetatly underdeveloped post communist state. Need to work more on your advertising technique. Ohrid is the only place worth visiting for one two days max. Enviromently safety talking the country is on the age of collapse. People are friendly only to tourist not to themselve. Need to work more on their education and manners. Way to go Macedonia!


from Sweden

Sandor Weijn

This summer we go for the first time on holiday to Ohrid, Macedonia… No idea what we will meet there. In Holland I realize people like Macedonia (those who have been there), and other people ask us where Macedonia is situated… No idea!!! I think it’s time for Macedonia to stand up and promote itself. At least… Macedonia: Here we come!

Sandor Weijn

from The Netherlands


Поседувате непроценливо архитектонско наследство. Градбите се автентични, каменот и дрвото, се оригинално вкомпонирани во градбите. Посветете внимание на оваа убава архитектура и имате уште многу, многу нешта за да го направите Велес уште поубав град.


from Sweden
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